Chilli peppers


Tasty hot for a dynamic cuisine! From the sweetest to the most spicy, peppers are a wonderful way to wake up all kinds of dishes. Chilli peppers of all backgrounds in all their forms...the lovers of thrills will not be disappointed!



    Sweet or explosive, small, long, wide, the "pepper of the poor" is noticed in all the kitchens of the world. Whole dried chilli peppers retain their flavour longer. It is possible to rehydrate them so that they swell and recover their initial shape, or to pass them dry in mortar in order to integrate them easily with the dishes in sauce.


    Crushed, ground or powdered, chilli peppers easily give everyone the possibility to determine the degree of spiciness. A tip for the strongest or more widely when you are not only looking for the fire but also the flavor. Convenient to use, the ground chilli pepper is to keep handy but away from light.


    Capsicum chilli peppers are part of many mixtures from all over the world, from Chile to India by way of the Pays-Basque. Whether it is the main ingredient or a simple touch participating in the flavor of the whole preparation, the chilli pepper gives its fire, color and taste to many typical mixtures as well as to many of our Home-made blends.

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