Would you like an infusion ?

The weather is getting cooler... It’s time to put back your jumper and to stock up on preparations for warm and comforting drinks!

Dried vegetables

Some organic dried vegetables or mushrooms for an express soup, a cake or a savory tart prepared in a jiffy. Something to warm yourself up this fall !

Organic Citrus powder

Use on desserts: cheesecake, fruit salad, chocolate mousse, creams, ice creams, panna cotta...

Also at the end of cooking in salty dishes: fish, seafood, poultry, rice...

Saffron from the Quercy Dans un terroir d'exception, à Duravel dans la Vallée du Lot, la safranière La Nadalle produit du safran au milieu des vignes. "L'or rouge" des épices est une épice précieuse qui parfume merveilleusement toute sortes de plats, de la paëlla à la crème brulée... Discover