Take two botanists passionate about plants, Christine and Philippe Latour, and add a love of creative cooking and mix well; the result... AROMATIQUES TROPICALES and its wide range of unusual and more common, culinary spices and spice plants.

The nursery originated back in 1981 and gradually became specialised in aromatic and spice plants, plus those grown for their perfume and tropical fruit. But with so many of their clients frustrated at not being able to find the spices they wanted for the kitchen, it seemed logical to add a range of ready to use culinary spices. So from a passion for plants coupled with a taste for a more unusual and inventive cuisine, developed a wide range of top-quality culinary spices much appreciated by their clients.

Christine and Philippe continued this great adventure to offer an extensive and varied range of spices. They concocted original creations until their retirement.

In 2023, the Latours will pass on their tasty recipes to Olivia and Michaël Durand.

"Based in Cazals (46), we have happily taken over Aromatiques Tropicales and are continuing this spicy adventure with happiness and curiosity. We have always loved traveling and cooking, we are delighted to meet you in store, at plant fairs and via the website to share multiple discoveries and culinary anecdotes!” Olivia & Michael

Lovers of nature and very attached to biodiversity, Olivia and Michaël are keen to offer products from organic farming as soon as possible - Aromatiques Tropicales has been certified organic for several years. They are also looking for small, sustainable or wild-harvested production. Another area of ​​development that is close to their hearts is the short circuit, which is why they look for spices of French origin and work with local producers and artisans.



AROMATIQUES TROPICALES offers over 200 products: spices from around the world, a wide range of our own unique and original blends, recipe book and accessories. Our aim is simple; to always to offer the very best. Our commitment is to:

  • Select producers and suppliers who provide the very best quality raw materials.
  • Always seek products that are true and genuine and, wherever possible, certified organic.
  • Work with local businesses wherever possible.
  • Buy in small quantities to ensure our products are really fresh.
  • Package our products in-house.
  • Never use ionising radiation on our products.
  • Never use insecticides on our products in storage.
  • All the technical information that you’ll find on our website is the result of our own knowledge and experience and not a compilation or copy and paste from other sites. However if you should find something that is inexact or an omission please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Despite all our very best efforts, a problem may arise. Please contact us on 05 65 41 65 92 and we will do our best to find a solution.