• Origin Created and transformed in our workshop in France
  • Form Leaves and powder
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Rupture de stock


It has long been a tradition in the West Indies and Réunion Island to flavour white rhum with aromatics thus producing the famous "rhum arrangé" whose exact ingredients vary according to where you are, the plants available and the "humeur du moment". Our original blend of aromatics creates a rhum arrangé that is hot and fiery, positively volcanic! Guaranteed to warm your cockles. Lemon grass, vanilla and kaffir lime give it its flavour. A touch of chilli pepper adds a kick without burning your palate. Ginger adds strength and the Arabica adds intensity. Leave to macerate in a bottle of white rum for three weeks, then strain or leave even longer according to taste. "Etna" should be drunk pure with just the addition of cane sugar and ice cubes.
One packet for one litre of rum.

Ingredients: Lemon grass, kaffir lime, chilli pepper, vanilla, ginger, coffee.

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