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Sesamum indicum

Particularly popular in Japan, the black sesame seeds are gently roasted to bring out all their flavour. With their slightly more bitter taste (compared to white sesame seeds) they add an elegant crunch to your cuisine. Sesame is particularly rich in antioxidants and minerals making it an indispensable ingredient in vegetarian and vegan diets, it’s also rich in calcium and unsaturated fatty acids.
A popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine it is used to coat raw fish (sushis and sashimis) and to add crunch to bread, buns and biscuits. Sprinkle it onto salads, rice and hummus just before serving. It goes particularly well with desserts and pastries made with matcha tea and is an indispensable ingredient for home-made protein bars and savoury crackers.
Use sesame seeds to make gomasio – a Japanese condiment that’s both healthy and full of flavour to season dishes using less salt – a must-have on every table!
Gomasio recipe: mix 90g black or white sesame with 10g of rock salt, dry roast for 5 minutes then grind coarsely (pestle and mortar or coffee grinder). Gomasio keeps well so you can make a whole jar-full!

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