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Lavandula angustifolia

An amazing plant known for its soothing antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. In Europe everyone instantly recognises the blue flowers and sweet scent of lavender.
Lavandula angustifolia is the variety used for cooking, the dried flowers (or lavender buds) can be used whole, chopped with other spices, as a decoction or simply as decoration.
We offer dried flowers, free of bits of stalk and above all completely free of pesticides!
Lavender will give a sweet floral fragrance to your desserts and an original flavour to savoury dishes. In most recipes rosemary can be replaced by lavender, which has a similar degree of fragrance. Try crème brulée or pana cotta, home-made yoghurt or ice cream flavoured with lavender, add a few flowers to a fruit salad and create a surprise at tea-time, with lavender flower biscuits !
For a real flavour of the south of France, try using lavender in sweet'n'savoury goat's cheese verrines, with fish cooked in the oven or marinated in a lavender flower decoction, with pork ribs or oven-roasted chicken! Try it with sunny summer vegetables (grilled and oven-roasted), particularly roast tomatoes!
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A flower to add to your cooking this summer ... and throughout the year!
Lavender produced in a small farm, in the Lot, France. 100% natural, chemical-free.

Dried lavender buds
Origin : Lot, France