• Origin Japon
  • Form Powder
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Camelia sinensis

Matcha tea is a refined gourmet ingredient much used in Japanese cooking. It has a unique fresh, vegetal and slightly bitter flavour. Matcha tea is a green tea produced with enormous care, the tea plants are grown in the shade to protect them from direct sunlight with the result that they produce more chlorophyll to activate the photosynthesis and hence a wonderful green colour. The tea leaves are then picked, rolled and dried, to be finally unrolled and ground to a fine powder using stone mills. Traditionally used for the Japanese tea ceremony, matcha is also found many Japanese desserts: sweets, pastries, steamed cakes etc. With its subtle delicate aroma and natural green colour top western chefs were quick to adopt it when they realised how well it married with dairy products (milk and cream) and vegetarian milk (just try mixing it into mascarpone – seriously delicious!). Green tea is a major health ingredient for your cooking, stimulating and refreshing, particularly rich in antioxidants it is an excellent detox. A must have in any kitchen!
Our matcha tea is particularly adapted for cooking. Try it in your favourite recipes, tiramisu, cheesecake, crumble, clafoutis, crème brulée and chocolate fondant! Use it to make gourmet cakes and biscuits, madeleines, scones and sponge cakes. Try adding matcha when making ice-cream for a refreshing dessert … and to smoothies, sushis, mushipans and sauces!
There’s even a whole book of recipes written by Cléa (French only).

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