• Origin Japon
  • Form Powder
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Citrus junos

Particularly appreciated by the Japanese the yuzu is a lemon with a mandarin flavour. With relatively little flesh it is mainly the zest and the skin that is used. With its fresh tangy aroma and acid citrus flavour it is the new star much appreciated by the top chefs in Europe and America, particularly for cakes and desserts.
Our yuzu is a powder made from freeze-dried whole fruit, the best method to ensure you get all the aroma. Try it in a white sauce with fish or shell-fish, grilled poultry, fish cooked à la plancha, added to butter served as an accompaniment. Its hint of lemon is totally delicious in all biscuits and cakes, mousses, ganache, ice cream, sorbet, sauces … particularly good to give an interesting acidic contrast in a dish, on a slice of foie gras for example.

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