VANILLA liquid
VANILLA liquid

VANILLA liquid

  • Origin Non- EU
  • Form Liquide
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Pure, natural vanilla essence produced using seeds from two varieties of vanilla; Vanilla planifolia and Vanilla tahitensis. Vanilla essence can be more appropriate for certain recipes, such as creams and cakes, and easier to use than whole pods. Concentration level of 200g of vanilla for 1 litre of glucose syrup.

Vanilla pods are the fruit of an orchid. Discovered in Mexico it was brought back by the French to the court of Henri IV in 1604. In the second half of the 19th century the cultivation of vanilla was developped on the Réunion Island then on Tahiti, Madagascar and the Comoros. Today two varieties of vanilla are grown commercially; Vanilla planifolia known as Bourbon vanilla (Indian Ocean) and Vanilla Tahitensis known as Tahitian vanilla. Easy to use and ideal for all your desserts.

Ingredients: Vanilla planifolia, vanilla tahitensis, glucose syrup

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