• Origin France
  • Form Seeds
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Trigonella foenum-graecum

These small rectangular seeds, rich in trace elements and protein, have a strong curry aroma and a slightly bitter taste which disappears if they are gently roasted. Grown since Roman times throughout the entire Mediterranean basin, fenugreek has a very wide range of uses: as fodder, as a medicinal herb (to stimulate appetite) and as a spice. In North African cuisine it is used to give the flavour of melted butter to couscous. Fenugreek is an ingredient used in Raz el Hanout, curry and masala. As with many aromatic seeds, the flavour is strengthened by dry roasting in a frying pan before using. It can be used ground, roasted and mixed with other spices or with sprouted seeds. Its flavour goes well with slow cooked vegetables, spinach, potatoes, chutneys and fish. Fenugreek is strong and should be used parsimoniously. Avoid during pregnancy.

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