• Origin Indonesia Vietnam
  • Form Sticks
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Cinnamomum cassia

The bark of the cinnamon from China, retracted during drying, forms sticks of about 6 cm. Thicker and harder than those of the cinnamon of Ceylon, they can be grated or used whole, since they do not break down.

The flavour of the case is powerful and woody, more bitter, astringent and spicy than Ceylon cinnamon. We can say that it is more aggressive in general.

This aromatic strength is ideal for salty cooking, especially meat dishes (sheep, duck, ham). In Asia and the Maghreb, cinnamon brings a warm exotic touch to rice and semolina dishes. Also widely used in desserts, this spice includes Christmas cookies, apples and pears in all their forms, cakes. It also lifts hot drinks based on tea, chocolate or wine. It is used in the maceration of rum, liqueurs and punches, its consistency being an asset.

Like its Ceylon cousin, cinnamon is digestive and antiseptic. It has always been used on a daily basis to improve and preserve health on many points.