• Origin Egypt
  • Form Whole
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Citrus latifolia

Also called loumi or limoo, this lime is picked when ripe, boiled a few minutes in salted water then dried for a long time. This way, it gets its black color and its dry and crunchy texture. The aromas of this essential of the Persian cuisine are thus concentrated, enhancing the fresh and powerful notes of candied citrus. The acid, the sweet and the bitter that make us think of tart sweets.

Commonly used in Iran and Persian Golf recipes, the fruit rehydrates and becomes tender if pierced and left to infuse in stews. Try it in boiled chicken, court-bouillon or blanquette. It can also be crushed and ground with a mortar (remove the seeds beforehand to avoid their bitterness) in order to integrate it into a dessert or stuffing. The crushed lime can be used as a seasoning, as a last touch on rice, soup or fish. Count about 1 lemon for 2 people.

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