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Lycium barbarum

Delicious slightly sweet goji berries, a beautiful orange-red colour, sun-dried naturally. Well known for their richness in trace minerals and antioxidants, goji berries are perfect to accompany meat cooked in a sauce and their sweet'n'sour flavour is great with any game. Chinese fish soups are often accompanied by goji berries and they're ideal to deglaze the pan after cooking duck breasts or to replace barberry in mediaeval cuisine. Sprinkle onto a salad, muesli, fruit salad or eat them as a healthy fruity nibble. A simple search will yield an enormous amount of information about the amazing value of goji and its medical uses; its richness in antioxidants, carotene, trace minerals, etc. We leave the responsibility of judging such information to those professionally trained in the use of alternative medecines. However we would draw your attention to the fact that there is a contraindication if you are taking anticoagulants and a suspected contraindication for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

So, we would suggest that you read the information found on web-sites that sell the so-called miracle fruit goji berries with a critical eye. The list of illnesses they are said to treat is so long, too long perhaps ... just wondering ...



Origin: China

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