• Origin Chine
  • Form Whole
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Lycium barbarum

Goji berries, soft and slightly sweet, are naturally dried in the sun. They are rich in trace elements and antioxidants. Their orange-red color visually gives pep to all kinds of preparations.

Goji berries are recommended to accompany meats in sauce, their sweet-acidulous taste goes well with the gibelottes of rabbit, pork or wild boar. Chinese fish soups are also served with goji. The berries are perfect for deglazing a duck breast with a frying pan and in the medieval kitchen as a substitute for barbe-vinette. Sprinkle in fruit salads and green salads. Goji berries can be used in a full breakfast bowl, along with cereals, seeds, fresh fruit, nuts and vegetable milk. They can also be eaten as an aperitif, as is, or mixed with candied ginger and other nuts or nuts.

The reputation of goji berry as an antioxidant is no longer to be made, its richness in vitamins and trace elements also. This makes it an ally spice to integrate in a regular way in the daily kitchen.

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