• Origin Japon
  • Form Slices
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Citrus junos

This Japanese citrus, very famous in its country of origin, is a yellow-orange lemon with a taste similar to tangerine. It has relatively little pulp, so we mainly use its skin and zest. Its scent is fresh and very aromatic, its tangy citrus taste have made it a star in the great Western chefs's cuisine.

Particularly appreciated in pastry, this candied yuzu is also a delicious confectionery to taste as a delicacy. Lovers of lemony flavors will delight in recipes of cookies, chocolate or fruit mousses, ice cream or sorbet, macaroons, madeleines. It can also bring an interesting acid contrast in a dish of fish or crustaceans, a risotto or duck meat.

Like most citrus fruits, yuzu is loaded with vitamin C that helps strengthen the immune system. It also has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Composition: yuzu, sugar, reduced glucose syrup, vitamin C

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