• Origin Created and transformed in our workshop in France
  • Form Powder
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This homemade blend of Strong spices is inspired by an ancient medieval recipe, from the time when Westerners brought back fabulous stories about the lands of origin of spices. Peppery preparations were called "strong", not that they were necessarily excessively hot but powerful in warm and sweet flavours. The balance of sweetness and bitterness makes it a very aromatic blend, whose spicy strength falls quickly.

Strong spices lift mashed potatoes, pumpkin or root vegetables, preferably in a final touch. It also flavours poultry recipes, veal stews, side sauces, eggs, cheese gratins or mushroom tagliatelle. Other than salty dishes, this mixture is served with fresh goat cheese or fruit salad, especially strawberries. This composition is perfect for curious young palates.

Ingredients: mushrooms, onion, black pepper, celery, rosemary.