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Elettaria cardamomum

Our green cardamom powder offers exceptional aroma and freshness! Strong and aromatic, warm and lingering (but never hot), with a hint of eucalyptus. Green cardamom is used in all types of sweet dishes, fruit salads, ice creams, cakes and biscuits. Wonderful added chocolate in any form, mousse, cakes, hot chocolate. An ideal spice to use in sweet and sour cooking and in chutneys. Indispensable for Indian cooking where you'll find it in curries, dals and rice dishes. An essential ingredient for Arabic coffee and Indian chai. Known in Europe since the Middle Ages it was and still is used for hypocras, then later for many types of punch. Cardamom is closely related to ginger.
Different types of cardamom: Green cardamom: whole and just dried, ideal for keeping. You can use the pods whole or open them and use them and grind the brown seeds (10 to 15 per pod) un a blender, coffee grinder or food processor using the attachment. Avoid using a pepper mill due to the stickiness of the seeds.
White cardamom is simply green cardamom which has been bleached (hydrogen sulphide) for aesthetic reasons; it is more expensive and less aromatic.
Black cardamom is specifically Chinese and the fruit of Amomum subulatum. The flavour is very different, slightly bitter, and is used whole or ground in savoury Chinese dishes.



Origin: India