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  • Form Powder
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Citrus sinensis

Originally from China, sweet orange arrived in Europe through Portugal from the 15th century. It is first and foremost a luxury product because only the wealthy could afford it. The fruit is then democratized and becomes a classic citrus of European cuisine.

This organic zest powder, with fruity and warm notes, flavors dishes with its unmissable taste. It goes perfectly with soups or creams of pumpkin and carrot, duck or fish.
Excellent intermediary between salty and sweet, the sweet orange makes a marvel on a thick slice of salmon with honey or with a fresh goat or sheep cheese.
It is incorporated into the preparation of various desserts such as sorbets, fruit salads, panna cotta, cheesecakes, entremets (especially chocolate ones)...

Like most citrus fruits, sweet orange is loaded with vitamin C that helps strengthen the immune system. It is also rich in antioxidants. Orange powder is used in cosmetics for hair and skin as well.

Preferably used as a last touch or at the end of cooking.

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