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Capsicum annuum

A paprika obtained by a rigorous selection of the very best mild peppers from the province of Cáceres in south-west Spain. The peppers are dried for 10 to 15 days over oak wood fires, the traditional age-old method. After being turned regularly during the drying process to obtain a perfect degree of dryness the peppers are then ground between traditional stone mills.
Smoked paprika is widely used in Hungarian, Spanish and Portuguese cooking. With its slightly brown colour and delicious smoky flavour it’s perfect to season a goulash, poultry (grilled or with a creamy sauce), marinades, grilled fish, fried eggs, aubergines, a carpaccio of octopus or a barbecue sauce. A delicate slightly fruity flavour with just a hint of bitterness and heat. It also blends well with cumin.

Origin: Spain