• Origin Afghanistan India
  • Form Powder
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Ferula assa-foetida

Asa-foetida comes from a resinous gum extracted from the root of an apiaceous plant native to the Persian-Pakistan-India region. The powder, whose unpleasant smell of sulphur disappears during cooking, must be diluted in hot water before use. Asa extract is always sold diluted in flour and gum Arabic because its sulfurous scent would be too strong.

Used (sparingly) in vegetarian cuisine for its taste of garlic and onion, asa-foetida also enhances fish and shellfish dishes. It flavors dry vegetable dishes and especially Indian lentil soups (dahl), in combination with other spices.

The ferrule is an effective eupeptic agent against congestion and bloating of the digestive system, which is why it is mainly used to accompany dishes difficult to digest.

Ingredients: assa foetida, gum arabic, rice flour, wheat flour, colouring: curcuma.

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