• Origin Austria
  • Form Flakes
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Anthriscus cerefolium

Cultivated in France since the Middle Ages thanks to the Romans who would have introduced it in Central Europe, the common chervil is today known all over the world. It is considered one of the classic herbs, such as parsley, chives and tarragon.

The leaves of this apiaceous, of a beautiful green, have a fresh aromatic smell. The soft flavor is slightly aniseed and sweet.

Chervil is suitable for many dishes such as fish, white meat or vegetables. It is incorporated into the preparation of various sauces: béarnaise, hollandaise, vinaigrette, mayonnaise, béchamel. It flavors eggs, potato or compound salads, omelets, leek velvety and broth, including "herb broth".

The medicinal properties of chervil are due among other things to vitamin C, calcium and iron. It helps digestion and would also be anti-oxidant and diuretic.

Preferably used as a last touch or at the end of cooking.

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