• Origin France
  • Form Coarsely ground leaves
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Mentha spicata 'nana'

The crossing of aquatic mint and green mint gives the leaves of peppermint a menthol taste appreciated since the seventeenth century in England.

Its flavor is warm and peppery but leaves in the mouth the characteristic freshness of its species. Its smell is strong, penetrating and very aromatic, the most spicy of all mint.

Peppermint is widespread in cooking around the world: United Kingdom, India, Middle East, Southern Europe, Asia. The recipes in which it is listed are innumerable: leg of lamb, peas, duck, raïta sauce, pulses, cucumber gazpacho, taboulé, goat cheese cake, chutney and condiments. It is associated with citrus, coriander, poppy, cumin or chilli because it allows to balance very spicy dishes by moderating their spiciness. This aroma is also found in fruit desserts, ice cream or soft dark chocolate. This spicy mint perfumes liqueurs, infusions, fresh waters and lemonades from the summer as well as the famous mojito.

Peppermint is used in infusion for its medicinal properties because menthol has an analgesic action and thus helps to soothe the pain. It facilitates digestion and decongests.

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