BASIL leaves
BASIL leaves
BASIL leaves
BASIL leaves

BASIL leaves

  • Origin Spain
  • Form Coarsely ground
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Ocimum basilicum

The dry basil leaves allow the use of this condiment even in winter. Recognizable among all, the warm and lemony flavour of basil is no longer to present. The leaves lose their flavor during cooking, so it is best to add them at the very end of cooking or serving.

It is used extensively in Provençal cuisine, especially in the famous preparation of pistou, basil, garlic and olive oil sauce. It flavors all Mediterranean cuisine, such as tomato-mozzarella salads, gazpacho, tabbouleh or pasta. It is also used in stuffing, soups and canned vegetables. The basil also perfumes the olive oil, in infusion with other spices and aromas.

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