KAFFIR LIME - COMBAVA fresh fruits
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KAFFIR LIME - COMBAVA fresh fruits

  • Origin France
  • Form Fresh fruit
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Citrus hystrix

Available from August.

Fresh fruits of combava are produced in our nursery in the Lot, without pesticide, insecticide or fungicide. The harvest is ensured by us just before the shipment, which ensures that you receive a product that retains all its organoleptic qualities. The citrus fragrance of combava has an extraordinary note that distinguishes it from other citrus.

Combava zest is traditionally used in Asian, Indonesian, Thai and Reunion cuisine. The peel of the fruit is grated on the dishes of fish, rice, in sauces and typical dishes such as rougail.

It also enhances desserts such as fruit salads, ice cream, chocolate cake or classic pound cake.

It is possible to freeze the whole fruit and remove them only for the time it takes to scratch the bark.