Some sweet spices are essential, others are rare or unknown in classic recipes. Delicacies to be tested in pastries, confectionery, desserts and other sweets. These treats can sometimes simply flavour a yogurt or hot milk, to the delight of children. You can even crunch some like candy...


    Flowers are increasingly used in the kitchen, whether to enjoy their delicate fragrances or their decorative colors. Sprinkled in the last touch on desserts or some salty dishes, the flower petals bring a cheerful and elegant note. Buds or whole flowers are usually infused in a liquid that will be incorporated into a recipe. You can also leave some in the tea or herbal tea box to enjoy their flavour during the infusion.


    Natural gelling agent or food colourings, these spices are not always spices but really contribute to the success of some recipes. These culinary aids promote the pleasure of being creative by having fun with textures and colors.

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